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Woodland-Woodard Creek Drainage Basin Plan

Note: The basin plan on this Web page has been divided into several PDFs to make it easier for viewers to find information.  Although the PDFs are generally about 25-35 pages long, they still take time to load because the PDFs were created by scanning a paper-version of the document (as opposed to simply converting a Word document to a PDF).

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Woodland and Woordard Creek Comprehensive Drainage Basin Plan, August 1995, by Thurston County, City of Lacey and the City of Olympia

Section 1 (1.2 MB) includes:

  • Resolution 10987
  • Acknowledgements
  • Map 1: Woodland/Woodard Basin Locations
  • Executive Summary
  • Table of Contents
  • Chapter 1: Introduction
  • Chapter 2: Community Involvement Program

Section 2 (1.7 MB) includes:

  • Chapter 3: Basin Characterization

Section 3 (1.2 MB) includes:

  • Chapter 4: Problem Identification and Analysis

Section 4 (1.2 MB) includes:

  • Chapter 5: Assumptions and Methodology Used in Planning
  • Chapter 6: Level of Service Alternatives

Section 5 (2.7 MB) includes:

  • Chapter 7: Recommended Alternative - Service Level 1

Section 6 (690 KB) includes:

  • Chapter 8: Service Level 2 Recommendations

Section 7 (2.6 MB) includes:

  • Chapter 9: Recommended Plan Implementation
  • References

Section 8 (1.4 MB) includes the following maps:

  • Map 2: Woodland Creek Basin Sub-Basins
  • Map 3: Woodard Creek Basin
  • Map 4: Woodland Creek Basin River Miles
  • Map 5: Woodard Creek Basin River Miles

Section 9 (2.0 MB) includes the following maps:

  • Map 6: Woodland Creek Basin Soils
  • Map 7: Woodard Creek Basin Soils
  • Map 8: Woodland Creek Basin Wetlands

Section 10 (503 KB) includes Map 9: Woodard Creek Basin Wetlands

Section 11 (493 KB) includes Map 10: Woodland Creek Basin Land Use (1987)

Section 12 (423 KB) includes Map 11: Woodard Creek Basin Land Use (1987)

Section 13 (2.0 MB) includes:

  • Map 12: Woodland Creek Basin Problem Locations
  • Map 13: Woodard Creek Basin Problem Locations
  • Map 14: Woodland Creek Basin Future Land Use
  • Map 15: Woodard Creek Basin Future Land Use

Section 14 (1.6 MB) includes:

  • Appendix A: Summary of Public Involvement in Woodland/Woodard Basin Planning
  • Appendix B: Stormwater Quality Survey Results
  • Map B-1: Woodland Creek Basin Water Quality Sampling Locations
  • Map B-2: Woodard Creek Basin Water Quality Sampling Locations

Section 15 (793 KB) includes:

  • Appendix C: Basin Hydrologic Model
  • Appendix D: Wildlife Species of Woodland Basin
  • Appendix E: Geologic Glacial Sediments

Section 16 (2.2 MB) includes:

  • Appendix F: Regulatory Authority for Basin Plan Measures
  • Appendix G: Regional Nonstructural Management Program

Section 17 (1.7 MB) includes:

  • Appendix H: Woodland Creek Fish Habitat Analysis
  • Appendix I: Stormwater Facilities Overview

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