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Water Resources Capital Facilities Plan

staff checks a catch basinThe Capital Facilities Plan (CFP) is a six-year plan of capital projects proposed by the Thurston County Stormwater Utility (Water Resources Division of Resource Stewardship Department). The Plan includes project descriptions, estimated dates of construction, costs, and proposed methods of financing. The Plan is reviewed and updated annually and becomes part of the annual update to the Capital Facilities Element (Chapter 6) of the Thurston County Comprehensive Plan.

Capital projects funded by the Water Resources Division through the Stormwater Utility reflect our responsibility to correct flooding problems, protect water quality and enhance aquatic habitat in local lakes, streams, wetlands and Puget Sound. Over 60 stormwater capital projects and watershed investigation and planning projects have been completed since 1998 when the Stormwater Utility established its Capital Facility Program.

Capital project funding is provided through several methods including:

  • A portion of the Stormwater Utility Fee paid by all County property owners is designated for Capital projects. The rate is currently $5 per residence per year in rural areas and $27 per residence per year in urban areas.
  • Grant and/or loan funding from state and federal agencies such as Ecology and EPA.
  • Joint funding with other county departments such as the Thurston County Public Works Department for projects that have a roadway element (e.g. culvert replacement).

The Water Resources Division identifies potential capital projects for inclusion in the Capital Facilities Plan through its stormwater facility inspection program, targeted studies of stream basins (Basin Plans, Watershed Characterization, Retrofit Studies, etc.), property owner reported problems, and citizen input. If you have or know of a stormwater problem in your neighborhood please contact the Water Resources Division.

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