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Go Green - Get Green! Natural Lawn Care Program

House LawnDo you use chemical fertilizers and/or "weed and feed" products to maintain your lawn? If yes, we want you for a new FREE lawn care program!

You will save time and money and love the results!

What do you get?

If accepted into the program, you will get the following items for FREE to help you care for your lawn using natural yard care to build healthy soil and grass:

  • Soil test and customized recommendation
  • Two visits with a lawn care professional “lawn coach”
  • Lawn aeration rental (neighborhood share)
  • Lime and slow-release fertilizer, based on the soil test report
  • “How-to” demonstrations for you and your neighbors

You tell us your opinions!

  • Keep a log of your lawn care activities
  • Provide feedback for evaluation of program

Application process:

Requirements to apply for this limited new pilot program:

  • Residential properties only
  • Lot size must be less than 1 acre
  • Applicant must be the property owner

Additionally, participants accepted into the program must:

  • Remain active in program one year
  • Keep both appointments with lawn coach
  • Follow the natural lawn care recommendations of the lawn coach
  • Only use lawn care products approved by the lawn coach

Priority for selection will be given to those who:

  • Currently use lawn care products (i.e. pesticides, chemical fertilizer, moss killer)
  • Have neighbors who have also applied to the program

A limited number of participants will be selected through March 17, 2014. Apply early, and recruit your neighbors for a better chance of being selected!

Apply Today!

What happens after you apply?

After 2-3 qualifying applications from a neighborhood are received, homeowners will begin to be accepted into the program. While your application is pending, you can recruit people from your neighborhood to increase the odds of being chosen!

Once you are accepted, staff will contact you about coming onto your property to take the soil sample for the soil test. The soil sample will be sent to a laboratory for analysis at no charge to you. It takes about two weeks to get the results back.

The soil test will determine major nutrients, some minor nutrients, organic matter, pH and other soil properties.

Any time after the soil test is sent, an appointment can be made with a “lawn coach”. Appointments for lawn coach visits will be available from March through April. You will receive instructions for how to sign up for an appointment.

Please do not put any products on your lawn while awaiting acceptance into the program. This could skew the soil test results and disqualify you from the program.

Sign Up  Get Accepted  Soil Test  Lawn Coach Visit  Spring Hands-on
Now!  When 2-3 neighbors
apply and qualify.
After acceptance,
sample collected
by staff. 
Schedule at least two
weeks after soil test is
sent to lab. One hour
Various dates: April and
May (attend one) on lawn
aeration, fertilizing, liming,
and reseeding.

Need more information?

Contact Ann Marie Pearce at pearcea@co.thurston.wa.us or 360-754-3355 ext. 6857.

This program is supported in part by a Washington State Department of Ecology grant.

Contact Us

 Staff contact: Ann Marie Pearce  (360) 754-3355 ext. 6857. E-mail: pearcea@co.thurston.wa.us

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