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Lake St. Clair in Thurston County - Water Levels

Lake St. Clair Satellite PhotoLake St. Clair is located in the Nisqually Basin, approximately four miles west of the main stem river channel and about six river miles from the mouth. The lake is considered a kettle lake with no outlet. The lake water source is provided primarily by ground water with a natural surface water input from the south by Eaton Creek.  The groundwater system is hydraulically connected to McAllister Springs and McAllister Creek to the north.  The groundwater contibuting area is approximately 40 square miles and enters the lake from the south and the west deep below the surface of the lake.  Visit the links below to see just how unique and amazing the mechanisms that provide the enormous amounts of groundwater to Lake St Clair from below the ground surface.

For more information on Lake Saint Clair, please visit: http://www.co.thurston.wa.us/waterresources/chara/chara-nisqually.html .

Lake St Clair Level for December 6, 2017  

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