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Lake Lawrence LMD Goals, Rates and Charges

ratesIn June 2007, property owners at Lake Lawrence cast ballots on whether to reauthorize a Lake Management District for the lake.  About 78% of voting property owners cast ballots in favor of reauthorizing the LMD.

In response to the favorable vote, Thurston County Commissioners adopted LMD #18 on July 16, 2007 authorizing a four-year district to begin in 2008.  First authorized by residents in 1986, the Lake Lawrence LMD is one of the first and longest-standing lake management districts in Washington State.

Lake Management District Goals for 2008-2011

Lake Lawrence is a popular site for swimming, water skiing, recreational boating and fishing. The lake also supports wildlife such as bald eagles, blue herons and other species. The lake management district's goal is to safeguard the quality of water in Lake Lawrence to preserve the lake's aesthetic and recreational benefits, and to support wildlife. The lake management district plans to:

  • To implement cost-effective aspects of the State-approved Integrated Aquatic Vegetation Management Plan, with an overall goal to maintain a healthy and ecological balance of both humans and wildlife.
  • To improve native nuisance-weed control practices via a variety of County-approved methods including mechanical harvesting and herbicide treatments.
  • To monitor and control noxious weeds.
  • To provide a communication forum for lake users to discuss lake management-related issues with governmental representatives.
  • To provide two Newsletters per year to LMD members.
  • To continue to work with the Department of Natural Resources to improve lake-bottom conditions caused by past practices.
  • To explore options for long-term lake improvement methodologies.
  • To continue the Lawrence Lake Management District Steering Committee composed of ratepayers within the LMD to help Thurston County guide activities, review and track procedures, activities and expenditures.

Annual charge per parcel for 2011

"Parcel" is defined as any legally established lot of record that is developed or can be developed under existing land use requirements and regulations, including nonconforming uses.

Private lakefront property

$261.00 per parcel

Private canal front property

$131.00 per parcel

Private upland property with community lake access

$65.00 per parcel

Improved public boat launch property

$16,000.00 per parcel

Other public access

$8,000.00 per parcel


  • Parcels used exclusively for private roads or utilities.
  • Community open space parcels dedicated on a final plat or short plat as open space or lake access for the benefited property owners.
  • Lake-bottom
  • Parcels designated forest
  • Parcels currently in agricultural use

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