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Long Lake Integrated Management Plan

This Web page features the 2004 Long Lake Integrated Management Plan, organized into smaller PDF files for quick and easy viewing. To view the files, you will need to have Adobe Acrobat loaded on your computer. The plan was prepared by the Long Lake Management District Steering Committee, Thurston County Department of Water and Waste Management staff, and EnviroVision, September 2004

Note: On some computer monitors, the text in the following PDFs might appear jagged, however, the pages should print clearly. 

Long Lake Integrated Management Plan, 2004

Section 1 includes: Integrated Plan Cover

  • Table of Contents
  • Forward
  • Project Overview
  • Public Involvement
  • Lake and Watershed Characteristics
  • Aquatic Plant Management Goals
  • Plant Management History and Control Options
  • Recommended Aquatic Plant Control Plan
  • Figures and Tables Related to the Above Topics

Section 2 includes:

  • Public Education Program
  • Plan Elements, Costs and Funding
  • Monitoring, Evaluation and Implementation
  • Summary and Conclusions
  • References

Section 3 includes:

  • Appendix A: Record of Public Meetings

Section 4 includes:

  • Appendix B: Aquatic Plant Control Methods

Section 5 includes:

  • Appendix C: Permitting and Herbicide Information

Section 6 includes:

  • Appendix D: Response to Public Comment on the Draft Plan

Section 7 includes:

  • Attachment 1: 1995 Integrated Management Plan (Please be patient; this file will take
    a long time to load.)

Section 8 includes:

  • Attachment 2:  Harvesting and Phosphorus Control in Long Lake -- Technical Memorandum, Thurston County, Washington

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