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Woodland Creek Pollution Reduction Project

Woodland Creek Estates Sanitary Sewer Project
Managed by the Public Works Department

Woodland Creek Estates Study AreaIn February 2009, Thurston County hired engineering consultants to visit the Woodland Creek Estates/Covington Place neighborhoods to identify the steps necessary to provide sewer service. This evaluation laid the groundwork for designing sewer service, estimating costs, and seeking funding sources such as grants. (Click the thumbnail to the right to see the study area.)

  red arrowLooking for the latest news on this project? View the Woodland Creek Estates Sewer Project blog produced by the Public Works Department.

red arrowClick here to read the Woodland Creek Estates Sanitary Sewer Facilities Plan Final Draft, November 2009 (7 MB PDF). This report outlines the recommended and most economical way to provide sewer service to Woodland Creek Estates and Covington Place. The report is used as a tool to seek state and federal grants and low-interest loans.

red arrowAppendices referenced in this document are contained in separate PDFs: Appendix A (9 MB); Appendix C (9.5 MB); Appendix D (1.6 MB); Appendix E (1MB); Appendix F (1.9 MB); Appendix G (311 KB); Appendix H (432 KB); Appendix I (8.6 MB); Appendix J (18 MB); Appendix K (2 MB); Appendix L (2.3 MB); Appendix M (2.9 MB); Appendix N (418 KB); Appendix O (782 KB); Appendix P (2.2 MB); Appendix Q (2.7 MB).

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