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Woodland Creek Pollution Reduction Project

Woodland Creek Public Meetings

Thurston County held three public meetings to discuss approaches to cleaning up Woodland Creek and groundwater in the study area, and to review the findings from the private consulting team working on the project (Pacific Groundwater Group and Brown & Caldwell).

March 15, 2007:  The first workshop focused on the consultants' "Current Conditions Report," which identified how, and where, pollutants are entering Woodland Creek and the groundwater. (Click here for questions and issues presented at the workshop.)

November 14, 2007:  At the second workshop, the consulting partnership presented the "Future Pollutant Load Estimates" report. The report contained a list of actions to reduce pollution in Woodland Creek and groundwater in the study area. The actions were grouped into "high," "medium," and "low" categories based on their feasibility and the likelihood of success. (Click here for answers to attendees' questions. Click here to see a summary of survey responses from a survey taken at the meeting.)

March 13, 2008: The third workshop focused on the consultants' final recommendations, listed in the "Woodland Creek Pollutant Reduction Plan." 

Click here for to read a fact sheet prepared by Pace Engineering and distributed at an August 17 community meeting (1.4 MB PDF).


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