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We proudly display this logo, recognizing our office having received the Certificate of Excellence in Assessment Administration. This International Association of Assessor Officials (IAAO) honor states:

"The International Association of Assessing Officers hereby recognizes the Thurston County, Washington Assessor's Office for their outstanding achievement of meeting the requirements for the Certificate of Excellence in Assessment Administration.

"Granting the recognition indicates their demonstration of the highest levels of managerial excellence and consistent utilization of practices that exceed the guidelines as established for this award by IAAO in property assessment administration practices."

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We have made many improvements expanding the information available and making it easier to research the basis for your home's assessed value.

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Steven J. Drew

Steven J. Drew
Thurston County Assessor


(March 2020)

Since first being elected in 2010 I have remained focused on providing the public greater transparency in every aspect of the property assessment process. My office designed this new tool so the public can easily study the drivers of their own property tax and see changes over the most recent three years.

You can access this tool by clicking on the image below

2020 Revaluation Notices Mailed August 24 Reflect New Property Values.

The 2020 assessment notices were mailed August 24, 2020. The mailing was delayed due to COVID-19 County building closures. The delay insured our office would be open through the 60-day appeal period to allow for dialog with taxpayers to resolve their concerns. Your assessment reflects the value of your home on January 1, 2020, for property taxes payable in 2021.

The Assessor continues to engage in best practices to assure our values are accurate, equitable and transparent. Our methods and practices were reviewed again this year and we have been awarded the Certificate of Excellence in Assessment Administration (CEAA) for the second consecutive time. This is an accomplishment only four counties in the western coastal states have achieved. Click here to read more...

COVID-19 Service Update (Wednesday June 24)

Senior and disabled persons property tax exemption program expanded

(Posted January 2020)

In 2019 after a decade of advocacy the State Assessors Association was successful in achieving legislative changes in the senior and disabled persons exemption program. The primary change causes household income qualification thresholds to increase based upon each county's median household income. It was my honor as legislative co chair to successfully lead this legislation through the 2019 session to enhance this program.

As a result, for 2020 the highest household income threshold increased from $40,000 to $48,566. For additional details please read on. These changes expand relief opportunities for seniors and disabled persons on modest fixed incomes helping to assure they may remain in their homes.

With these changes comes the duty to perform outreach in the interest of alerting newly qualifying individuals of the changes. Although our resources are limited, we were able to send out the mailer shown below to every residential homeowner in the county.

For more information regarding this program, please view our brochure.

Click here for directions to our office.

If you are interested in learning more including how best to prepare for visiting our office to apply please use this link: Property Tax Relief Programs Overview

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2019 Revaluation notices mailed May 31 reflect new property values

as of 1/1/2019 for use in determining each property's 2020 property tax.

Your 2019 assessment notices were mailed on time for the 8th consecutive year, following the physical inspection of over 21,287 residential properties, 2079 commercial properties, collection of county wide sales data and extensive analysis. My staff and I take great pride in the quality of our work and of the fact that we continue to exceed all quality and equity standards while remaining on schedule even as we remain under staffed with six fewer FTE, then in 2008.

In general, property values continued to rise between January 1 of 2018 and January 1 of 2019. This year residential property values not in salt water neighborhoods increased by a median of 4.5% with 50% of these properties increasing between 1.1% and 7.2%. Properties located in the "salt water neighborhoods" saw a higher median increase of 11.3% with 50% of these properties experiencing a change of between -0.5% and 15.5%. Click here to read more...

2017 legislature increases property taxes for schools

The budget passed by the state legislature in 2017 substantially impacts all property tax payers in order to address the courts mandate to adequately fund public education. Though we here in Thurston County are impacted to a lesser degree than in many areas of the state, the tax rate, per $1,000 of value, for schools alone will rise by between .55 cents and .76 cents for most Thurston County taxpayers (only Tumwater saw a decrease). For a closer look at how your taxes for schools changed between 2017 and 2018 (prior to 2018 ballot measures) please click on the following diagram. Also, after locating your property in A+ and selecting taxes you can view a complete breakdown of your 2018 tax bill.



Steven J. Drew

Steven J. Drew
Thurston County Assessor

2017 Improvements to open source data related to property appraisal have recently been added to this website.

In order to help taxpayers verify their square footage we have added building external footprint diagrams for most residential structures across the county.

For commercial land and structures we have added a sales tab accessed through the A+. Like for residential properties, this list of sales details the date of sales, the sale price, and each sales validation code. We also provide a Validation code key which explains why an individual sale was or was not used in developing market value estimates as part of the mass appraisal process.

Properties which meet the criteria for a valid sale have multiple uses, such as directly applicable for comparable sales, as well as indirect use such as calibration of the income and cost approach. Additionally, they are used for location calibration and compliance studies.


Steven J. Drew

Steven J. Drew
Thurston County Assessor

2017 Revaluation Notices Reveal New Property Values for 2018 Taxes

Your 2017 assessment notices will be mailed on Thursday, June 1st. This will mark the 6th year in a row that assessment notices have been mailed on time. This will allow taxpayers to see their new assessed values much closer to the January 1, 2017 assessment date, reducing confusion between the assessed value and the effects of recent market activity.

Two remedies exist for property owners who have a concern about the accuracy of their assessed values. The first is to contact our office to review your concern with our skilled staff during the appeal period. Click here to read more...

News for senior citizens, disabled persons, and 100% disabled veterans.

Following their review of a recent court case, the Washington State Department of Revenue has amended its definitions in WAC 458-16A-100 as follows:

The definition of "Annuity" has been updated to more closely fit the traditional meaning of that term and "Pension" has been revised to clarify that pensions triggered by a person's disability are included within the meaning of that term. These changes go into effect on June 10, 2016. Click here to read more...

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