Appealing Your Assessed Value

If you believe your assessment does not reflect market value as of Jan 1, call the Assessor's Office at (360) 867-2200 and discuss your concern with an appraiser. This will ensure that the valuation was not based on conditions unknown to the appraiser, such as land that is unsuitable for building or property that has been partially destroyed. Sometimes a difference of opinion can be settled without filing a formal appeal. The appraiser will examine the valuation of your property and send you a cost valuation report.

If you are still not satisfied, you may appeal the valuation to the Thurston County Board of Equalization. Property owners have 60 days from the date the Value Change Notice was mailed or by July 1 of the Assessment Year (whichever is later) to file an appeal. The Board of Equalization is an independent body appointed to determine questions of value. The brochure "Appealing Your Property Assessment to the County Board of Equalization" is available for download

The appeal process is informal and does not require an attorney. However, you are required to submit clear and convincing evidence that the Assessor's valuation of your property is not correct. If you are not satisfied with the decision of the Board of Equalization, you may then appeal to the Washington State Board of Tax Appeals, which can be an informal or formal process

NOTE: Taxpayers have until July 30 to submit these forms to the Board of Equalization.

Appeal forms are available for download or can be requested from and returned to:
Thurston County Board of Equalization
Attention: Ruth Elder, BOE Clerk
2000 Lakeridge Drive SW
Olympia, WA 98502