From the time of statehood until the 1930’s, property tax was the only major tax that supported most state and local government programs. Currently, in Thurston County about 47% of the property taxes come from levies passed by the voters within various taxing districts. Property tax continues to be the most important revenue source for public schools, fire protection, library, parks and recreation, and other special purpose districts.

The Assessor’s Office is one piece of the property tax puzzle. Although we work independently, we maintain close contact with other county, city, and state departments on property issues.

State law requires that Assessors value all properties at 100% of their true and fair market value. This includes residential properties, commercial properties, and personal property.

Our goals for the Assessor’s Office are

People establish value by buying and selling real estate in the market place. Please remember that the Assessor does not create market value, but instead interprets the market place.

My job as your Assessor is to see that all property within the county is fairly valued for tax purposes. This ensures a fair and square distribution of property taxes among taxpayers who receive public services. We determine the value of property the year before taxes are due.

The "market" value of real property is based on the current real estate market. Finding the "market" value of your property means discovering the price most people would pay for your property in its current condition.