Taxing District Forms


Taxing Districts must submit their budgets to the county legislative authority on or before November 30 each year in accordance with RCW 84.52.020.

For convenience, forms are described below and can be downloaded from this website.


Memo from the Assessor

District Memo
Budget Packet Memorandum with dates and contact descriptions.
Memo from the Assessor


REV 64 0101
Taxing Districts must complete this Ordinance/Resolution in accordance with RCW 84.55.120 in order to increase this year's property tax revenue over the previous year. Otherwise, a taxing district can only increase its revenue through the addition of new construction, improvements to property, and any increase in the value of state-assessed property. If a taxing district wants to raise its levy amount, this Ordinance/Resolution, listing the dollar increase and percentage change in the levy from the previous year, must be submitted to the County Assessorís Office.

This form was designed by the Department of Revenue and is also available on their web site.
First Ordinance/Resolution (fill-in)
Second Ordinance Resolution (This will be available once finalized by Department of Revenue.)

Levy Certification

Levy Cert-BOCC
This levy certification is required in accordance with RCW 84.52.020. The taxing district must certify its budget with the clerk of the county legislative authority by November 30.
Levy Certification (fill-in)

District Personnel & Levy Contacts

District Contacts
The County uses this form to maintain a current listing of District Personnel & Contacts.
District Personnel & Levy Contacts (fill-in)

Levy Calculation Worksheets

For Previous Budget Year
Levy Calculation Worksheets


Certification Form for Full-Time FTE (Due to law change, this is no longer required for Fire Districts.)

Fire Districts must complete this certification form in accordance with RCW 52.16.160. This certification allows a fire district with one full-time employee (or who contracts with a municipal corporation with one full-time employee) to exceed the regular levy by not more than fifty cents per thousand dollars of assessed value.
Certification Form for Full-Time FTE (fill-in)