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Letter from the Auditor
Dear Voters of Thurston County:

As our community reflects upon September 11, 2001, the Auditor’s Office staff has been deeply saddened by the events in New York, Pennsylvania and Washington D.C. Our hearts go out to all of the people touched by these senseless terrorist attacks against humanity. Like many of you, we are keeping the families and friends of the victims and rescue workers in our thoughts and prayers.

As many of us struggle to find a way to come together as Americans and demonstrate our patriotism, I remind you that the cornerstone of our democracy is the right to vote. Voting is a fundamental act that each of us can perform to demonstrate our commitment to preserving our freedom. Our theme for 2001 could not be more appropriate – “Shaping Our Community – One Vote at a Time.” Please help us by voting in the General Election.

In this election you will see many issues and races on the ballot that will have a direct impact on your every day life. Registered voters will be eligible to vote on various issues and races, based upon the districts in which they live. There will be five statewide issues, a fire protection district merger and a parks and recreation levy on the ballot. Races on the ballot will include County Auditor, Port District Commissioners, Conservation District Supervisors, City and Town Mayor and Council positions, Municipal Court Judge, School Board Members, Fire District Commissioners, Park and Recreation District Commissioners and Cemetery District Commissioners.

Information regarding the state issues can be found in the Washington State Voters’ Pamphlet. Information regarding local issues and races are available in this Local Voters’ Pamphlet as well as our Audio Voters’ Guide at 360-709-3075, or on our web site at www.co.thurston.wa.us/auditor. Be sure to watch Channel 3, TCTV for voter information in the “Video Voters’ Guide.”

If you are signed up to receive an absentee ballot, you can expect it to arrive by October 22. The polls will be open on Election Day, November 6, from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. for poll site voting.

As I reflect back on the tragic events of September, I find inspiration in the words of Thomas Jefferson.

“We in America do not have a government by the majority.
We have a government by the majority who participate.”

I encourage you to participate in this General Election and join me in sending a message to the rest of the world that freedom rings in America.


Kim Wyman
Thurston County Auditor

Participating Jurisdictions

Thurston County, Port of Olympia, Conservation District

Cities and Towns
Town of Bucoda, City of Lacey, City of Olympia, Town of Rainier,
City of Tenino, City of Tumwater, City of Yelm

School Districts
Centralia School District No. 401-L, Griffin School District No. 324,
North Thurston Public Schools, Olympia School District No. 111, Rainier School District No. 307,
Rochester School District No. 401, Tenino School District No. 402, Tumwater School District No. 33,
Yelm Community Schools No. 2

Fire Protection Districts
Fire District No. 1 – Rochester, Yelm Fire District, Fire District No. 3 – Lacey, Fire District No. 4 – Rainier, Fire District No. 5 – Black Lake, Fire District No. 6 – East Olympia, Fire District No. 7 – North Olympia, Fire District No. 8 – South Bay, Fire District No. 9 – McLane,
Fire District No. 11 – Littlerock, Fire District No. 12 – Tenino, Fire District No. 13 – Griffin,
Fire District No. 14 – Grand Mound, Fire District No. 17 – Bald Hills

Park and Recreation District
Tanglewilde Parks and Recreation District No. 1,
Grand Mound/Rochester Parks and Recreation District No. 2

Cemetery District
Cemetery District No. 1 – Grand Mound, Cemetery District No. 2 – Yelm


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