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Alfonso Botana Non-Partisan

Olympia is a city on a hill. A symbol of what is great about who we are. From the picturesque reflection of the Capitol building in its surrounding lake to the residential areas where children grow into adulthood, Olympia is a great community.

My name is Alfonso Botana. Iíve lived in Olympia my entire life. I have benefited from Olympiaís educational excellence, enjoyed its prosperous economy, and reveled in its natural beauty. Now, itís time to serve the community thatís given me so much. If elected, I would focus on the ďThree Eís.Ē Education: Children need a safe place of learning and teachers must be empowered to educate effectively. Environment: I pledge to keep Olympia clean and beautiful. Economy: By improved parking downtown, we can encourage business growth.

With idealistic and practical solutions, we can overcome anything. Please help me to serve the city that I love so dearly.

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