Thurston County

Local Voters'

Primary Election
September 19, 2006

All ballots MUST be postmarked or dropped off by 8:00 p.m.
on Election Day, September 19, 2006

Table of Contents
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Page 1:  Letter from the Auditor, Thank You & Candidate/Issue disclaimer
Page 2: Disability Access Voting - AutoMARK  Information
Page 3: Primary Election Information
Page 5: Sample Ballot Instructions
Page 6: Democratic Sample Ballot
Page 7: Republican Sample Ballot
Page 8:  Nonpartisan Sample Ballot
Pages 8 - 9: Position Descriptions
Candidate Statements 
Democratic - All
Republican - All
Nonpartisan - All
Page 18 - Fire District No. 4 - Rainier
Page 19 - Yelm Fire District
Page 20 - Ballot Drop Box Locations
Page 21 - Voting Q&A and Kids Vote at the County Fair
Page 22 - Vote-by-mail and Email Ballot Information
Page 23 - Voter Registration Qualifications


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Ballots will begin arriving August 31
    Published by the Thurston County Auditor's Office