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Primary Voters' Pamphlet, August 5, 2014

City of Olympia
Council Member, Position No. 3

Nonpartisan Office - Four Year Term - Vote for One
Only voters in Olympia city limits may vote on this position.
Responsibilities of Elected Offices
Candidate statements are printed as submitted and are not checked for factual or grammatical accuracy by the Auditor's Office.
Rafael Ruiz 1208 Thomas St NW, Olympia, WA 98502; (360) 292-5043;;
Rafael Ruiz

Trabajo duro para que mis niños tengan la comida más sana, y Mexicana. Trabajo duro para pagar la renta y las cuentas. En cada elección nunca veo candidata/os trabajadores. Yo soy tu candidato en solidaridad con todos trabajadores. Voy luchar para subir el salario mínimo por hora hasta $15. Voy luchar para mejorar los derechos en la ley para todos arrendataria/os en Olympia. Voy luchar para mejorar la vida para los pobres y sin casa propia. Voy luchar para establecer y facilitar la democracia directa. Vota Rafael Ruiz para un futuro brillante en Olympia. Rafa trabaja para ustedes!

I work hard so that my kids can eat healthy and pass down my Mexican culture. I work hard to pay my bills and rent. In every election I hardly ever see working class candidates. I am your working class candidate in solidarity with all workers. I will fight for a $15 minimum wage. I will fight for tenants’ rights. I will fight against poverty and homelessness in Olympia. I will fight to establish direct and participatory democracy in Olympia. Vote Rafael Ruiz for a brighter future in Olympia. Rafa will work for you!

Nathaniel Jones 120 State Ave NE PMB 175, Olympia, WA 98501; (360) 280-2533;;
Nathaniel Jones

We’ve only just begun. Since electing me in 2011, we’ve brought back the downtown walking patrol and funded the Downtown Ambassadors. We’re cleaning up the Isthmus, we’ve installed better parking meters, rebuilt streets and utilities, and we’ve welcomed construction of market-rate housing and renovation of The Washington Center.

Olympia’s future is bright. It’s my goal to build on Olympia’s strengths to revitalize our community and economy. I will work for responsible investment that honors our commitment to the future. Local business is a source of family wage jobs and quality products. I’ll help these enterprises succeed by working with them to grow Olympia.

Neighborhoods are also key. We must deliver top-notch services and respond to the needs of our residential areas. Quality of life cannot be sacrificed for short-term gains. Ensuring the character of our residential neighborhoods must be a top priority.

Olympia is not alone. Working regionally, we can do better. Higher education, medical services, retail, and state government are Olympia’s biggest players, yet our community is so much more. We’re families and churches, sports leagues and nature lovers. We love our artisans, musicians, entrepreneurs and dreamers. Olympia is the region’s cultural center - our best days are ahead.

Ballots available beginning October 14, 2015.
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