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Primary Voters' Pamphlet, August 5, 2014
Port of Olympia
Commissioner, District No. 3
Nonpartisan Office - Two Year Unexpired Term - Vote for One
All voters in Thurston County may vote on this position.
Responsibilities of Elected Offices
Candidate statements are printed as submitted and are not checked for factual or grammatical accuracy by the Auditor's Office.
Elizabeth (E.J.) Zita 120 State Ave NE PMB 292, Olympia, WA 98501; (360) 870-9265;;
Elizabeth (E.J.) Zita

E.J. Zita is a scientist, farmer, and teacher. She’s volunteered for years to strengthen our neighborhoods, farms, environment, and economy.

As chair of the Thurston County Agriculture Committee, Zita works to preserve farmland and promote agriculture. As President of the Salmon Creek Basin Neighborhood Association, she challenged the Port’s industrial development plans in residential areas and near schools. She helped Tumwater and Thurston County pass ordinances for public health and safety. This year, the Port appointed Zita to its New Market Economic Development Advisory Committee.

From years of community experience, Zita knows transparency and accountability can improve Port operations. Our taxes must be used for public good, not short term profits for a few. The Port must truly listen to the people, and plan with local agencies. Zita will lead the Port toward positive new opportunities, such as a Thurston Farm to Market Center and renewable energy. With her skills and vision, she will insist on economic investment that serves the whole community and enhances our local environment.

With a PhD in physics, Zita worked in industry and national laboratories, and now teaches at Evergreen. On her ranch in south Thurston County, she raises beef and poultry with her family.

Jerry Farmer 2124 Pacific Ave SE, Olympia, WA 98506; (360) 259-9599;
Jerry Farmer

The most important thing the Port of Olympia can do is create jobs in our community – living wage jobs. Fully-employed families shop at local businesses, contribute to local charities, and enjoy the natural beauty of our county. Prosperity is the key to a thriving community. That’s why I want to serve as your Port Commissioner.

The Port is the biggest economic driver in our area. Nearly 7,200 jobs trace back to Port Commission decisions, from international trade to clean tourism jobs. The Olympia Farmers Market, the Hand’s On Children’s Museum, and the Swantown Marina are a reality today thanks to community partnerships with the Port. We must do more. We must continue to protect the environment and unique qualities that make our area special, while creating jobs.

A small business owner, I volunteer in our community, helping charities raise money, and serving on transportation, tourism, and planning committees. I’m committed to improving our quality of life through economic and environmental sustainability. I’ll advocate for financial responsibility, environmental cleanup, supporting new businesses, and most of all, creating jobs. I will work with you to create a shared vision. I am Jerry Farmer and I ask for your vote for Port Commissioner.

Ballots available beginning October 14, 2015.
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