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Primary Voters' Pamphlet, August 5, 2014

City of Tenino

Nonpartisan Office - Short + Four Year Term - Vote For One
Only voters in Tenino city limits may vote on this position.
Responsibilities of Elected Offices
Candidate statements are printed as submitted and are not checked for factual or grammatical accuracy by the Auditor's Office.
Wayne Fournier PO Box 950, Tenino, WA 98589; (360) 280-5421;
Wayne Fournier

It has been an honor to serve you for the past four years as a Tenino City Council member, now I’m asking for your support as Mayor. I will work to stimulate economic growth and improve our City, with the following platform: creating a safer and more secure community by stabilizing our Police Department; ensuring strict code enforcement to maintain property values; improving infrastructure; business development; and providing watchful oversight. I will ensure open communication between the City’s administration, department heads, City Council, Police and Fire, chamber of commerce, business leaders, school district and residents. For the past four years I have fought to protect and maintain Tenino’s history, values and future, I want to spend the next four years building them up. We need a leader with the ability to listen to the citizens; one that is a part of the community and has the courage to ask the difficult questions as well as the foresight and creativity to help find answers. It is time for hard work, determination and much needed change. With your vote I promise you together we will improve our City.

Bret D. Brodersen PO Box 1214, Tenino, WA 98589; (360) 264-2838;
Bret D. Brodersen

Since becoming Mayor, I have strived to stabilize and improve our city by encouraging economic development, preserving our natural treasures, and improving the financial condition of the City. My common sense approach to serving Tenino involves listening to diverse points of view, identifying problems, and working hard to find long term solutions to make Tenino the best small city in Washington.

I want to continue to encourage and provide opportunities for local businesses to thrive while promoting the south county character, engaging our community members and fostering youth development. I am committed to examining the city’s processes and promoting fiscal responsibility. Developing relationships with regional partners has been one of my highest priorities. My vision for Tenino’s future includes continued close cooperation with nearby cities, Thurston County and other community leaders in order to increase Tenino’s visibility, promote economic vitality and provide public safety.

My education in business administration and work experience in accounting and financial management give me the skills to put Tenino on track. I ask for your vote while I continue to work for our community.

Elect Bret Brodersen, voting for Brodersen is a vote for a stable Tenino future.

Ballots available beginning October 14, 2015.
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