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You can find a form either by clicking on any of the Available Forms listed on the left column of this page or by scrolling down this page. Watch for specific details and/or any information pertaining to the proper use of a form.

Some forms are available in both MS WORD or PDF formats, some in MS WORD only and others in PDF only. Forms available in both formats can be downloaded by clicking on either the WORD or PDF icon.

All forms must be printed on white paper


It is IMPORTANT to be familiar with Thurston County’s calendar requirements and information before scheduling.  Click on the "Court Calendars" link on the left column of the page and then click on CIVIL, CRIMINAL or FAMILY COURT Calendars from the navigation bar. 

Use the following for Continuances or Strikes of hearings scheduled by you:
WORD DOC PDF Notice of Continued or Stricken Hearing

Use the following to Schedule Hearings
WORD DOC PDF Civil - Notice of Hearing
Criminal - Expedited Notice of Hearing
Criminal - Notice of Hearing
Family Law and Juvenile Court Commissioners - Notice of Hearing
Family Law and Juvenile Court Judges  - Notice of Hearing
Family Law Orientation - Notice of Hearing

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SEALED DOCUMENTS (Family Law and Guardianship case types)

General Rule (GR) 22
allows for certain documents to be sealed in Family Law and Guardianship Cases.  The following forms are tailored for Thurston County.

IMPORTANT:  Cover Sheets for Sealed Financial Source originalss, Sealed Personal Health Care Records, and Sealed Confidential Reports.  These cover sheets must be attached to the top of the documents for it to become sealed.

Sealed Financial Source Documents Cover Sheet
Sealed Personal Health Care Records Cover Sheet
Sealed Confidential Reports Cover Sheet

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Certain documents are automatically sealed by Local Court Rule, state rules, or statutes.

General Rule (GR) 15: provides a process to seal a court document or file not already sealed at the time of filing. When sealing a document, please remember to provide the Clerk's Office with the following:

  1. The Sealed Records Cover Sheet for the Public File
  2. The Order Sealing, for the public file
Motion to Seal
Order Sealing

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See LCR 40 for complete information surrounding assignment of cases, service, and deadlines.

Trial Scheduling Questionnaire 



In the event a document must be filed that has been faxed to you, General Rule 17 requires a Declaration be attached to the fax.

Fax Declaration for Family and Juvenile Cases
Fax Declaration for Criminal and Civil Cases 

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This form is utilized for trials in the Thurston County Superior Court. It is only available in MS Word format. If you save the document with a .dot instead of a .doc extension, when the document is opened, prompts will appear to fill in the blanks. (For example, right click on the word Exhibit List below, select "Save As," change the file name from Exhibit List.doc to Exhibit, then Save.) Open the document and prompts will appear.

  • USE THIS EXHIBIT LIST and identify your unnumbered exhibits in the order they are to be given to the court.
    • Complete the “Received from” and the “Exhibit Description” columns. Email your proposed Exhibit List to the Clerk’s Office at 2 to 3 business days before the trial. Include the name of the Judge if one is assigned.
  • It is preferred that exhibits are placed into binders with corresponding tabs, otherwise, each exhibit must be stapled or clipped separately.
  • The original of your unnumbered exhibits and copy of the proposed Exhibit List must be given to the Clerk’s Office 2 to 3 business days prior to the trial. The Clerk will number them.
  • When delivering your exhibits and Exhibit List to the Clerk’s Office be sure to let the office know they are trial exhibits. They do not get filed.
  • You must also provide copies of your exhibits to the judge and to each party in the case prior to trial.


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CASE COVER SHEET - Case Types 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7

At the time the initial documents are filed in a case, the following Case Cover Sheet needs to be  filed. 

Case Cover Sheet - Case Type 2
Case Cover Sheet - Case Types 3, 4, 5 and 7
Case Cover Sheet Definitions - Case Types 3, 4, 5 and 7

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Requires a $240 filing fee be paid before filing pursuant to RCW 36.18.020(2)(a).  (COLLECT FILING FEE) when a Counter Claim, Cross Claim, Third Party Compliant, or Counter Petition is filed in civil and domestic cases. When filing an Answer or Response, a Cover Sheet must be attached to indicate whether or not a Counter Claim, Cross Claim, Third Party Complaint or Counter Petition is included in the Answer or Response

Cover Sheet for ANSWER or RESPONSE



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When filing a Will or Codicil prior to the death of the party

Cover Sheet for ANSWER or RESPONSE



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Domestic Partnerships are registered through the Secretary of State. Termination of Domestic Partnerships are handled by the courts in similar fashion to a divorce proceeding.  If termination is by death of one partner, then a termination may be filed with the Office of Secretary of State when accompanied by a death certificate. Click on the following links to access these forms. 

Information and frequently asked questions may be answered in the form instructions or by visiting the Secretary of State's web site. 

Declaration of Domestic Partnership Registration

Domestic Partnership Statement of Changes (includes termination by death)



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Guardianship Letters: Select the appropriate form to use based on whether or not you will be granted sole guardianship or co-guardianship. Complete the forms as to the guardianship granted.

Color of Original

-------FCase Type -------

Letters of Guardianship
Letter of Co-Guardianship

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Probate Forms: Select the appropriate Letters to be issued. Select Letters Testamentary for cases where Wills have been filed. Select Letters of Administration when the decedent left no Will. Select Letters of Administration with Will Annexed when the decedent left a Will, but the personal representatives are not able to serve as such.


-------FCase Type -------

  Letters of Administration (LTRAD)
Letters of Co-Administration (LTRAD)
Letters of Administration with WILL Annexed (LTRADW) - WILL attached
Letters of Administration with WILL Annexed de bonis non (RCW 11.28.280) (LTRADW)
Letters of Testamentary (LTRTS)
Letters of Co-Testamentary (LTRTS)

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