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Effective 5 p.m., October 28, 2015, confirmations are no longer required. Local Court Rule 7(b) states:

“(7) Confirmations. The Court will eliminate all confirmation requirements when the Odyssey Case Management System is implemented….

(7)(B) Confirmations No longer Required After the Case Management System is Implemented. When Odyssey is implemented at the court, confirmations will not be required for any matters. Parties must strike or continue all matters that will not be heard at least two court days before the hearing date, as provided in this rule.

*(8) Striking or Continuing Hearing Dates. The moving party must timely strike or continue any hearing that will not go forward on the scheduled date. This rule applies to all Superior Court matters, including civil, criminal, juvenile, and family court cases. Strikes and continuances must be communicated to the Clerk’s Office, which shall then promptly inform the court. This rule applies even if the matter is subject to confirmation and the matter was not confirmed. Violation of this rule may result in sanctions imposed against the moving party or parties.

*Commentary: The purpose of this rule is to provide notice to the parties and the court when motions will not be heard, in consideration of the phase-out of the confirmation process.”

Please see the Local Court Rule in its entirety for more information. If you should have any questions, please contact the Clerk’s Office at 360/786-5430.