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Dismissal Eligibility List

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Clerk's Dismissals

In order to have the matter removed from the Dismissal Eligibility List you must take an action of record (in court) or file a status report for each individual case (indicating the reason for the inactivity and projecting future activity and a case completion date.) 

Pursuant to Civil Rule 41(b)(2) cases will be dismissed or closed by the Court for want of prosecution upon motion and a hearing scheduled by the County Clerk.

Courtesy to Litigants:

As a courtesy to litigants, the Clerk’s Office is providing the following list of cases which it intends to schedule for dismissal or closure after 30 days from the date the list is posted on our web site. Prior to then, if action of record to move the case forward or application made is in writing showing good cause why it should be continued as a pending case, no action will be taken.  This list will be removed 30 days after posting and will be updated on a quarterly basis.

If there is not a highlighted link below to download a "Clerk's Dismissal Eligibility List," a new one will be posted below when scheduled:

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