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To save lives, prevent injury, and protect property and the environment by taking reasonable and affordable measures to mitigate, prepare for, respond to and recover from disasters.


Two New Grants Approved! 

Thurston County Commissioners approved grant funding for a grant to provide Firewise Training to Thurston County.  For information on Firewise, click here.

At the same time they approved mitigation funding to elevate two homes on the Deschutes River.  Click here to view the Thurston County Flood Hazard Mitigation Plan 

Thurston Community Alert

Sign Up for Alerts & Notifications! 

Thurston County Emergency Management in cooperation with participating cities, uses several methods to warn the public of hazardous situations within the county. 

Some of the warnings we issue require citizens to sign up to receive the messages, such as river flood alerts.

Click Here for more details, or to register or update your current information, click the blue box above.   

Are You VolcanoReady?

May 18 was the 38th Anniversary of Mt. St. Helens and with the volcano activity in Hawaii, it’s a great time to learn how to be VolcanoREADY. The risks in Washington are different than in Hawaii, but can be just as disruptive with volcanic ash and lahars. A group of experts created the attached flyer on how to be ready WHEN the next volcano eruption occurs. Let’s make Thurston County VolcanoREADY.

Click here to learn how to prepare your own Volcano Kit.

Check Out the Recent King 5 Disaster Preparedness Segment

Click here to check out King 5's'Disaster: Are You Prepared?' news segment.

Faith Communities Planning Workshop

The Faith Communities Planning Workshops are to facilitate awareness, provide information, and offer opportunity for faith communities to plan for emergencies and disaster; and to partner with local emergency management in community disaster planning.

For more information, click here, or contact Vivian Eason at

Recruiting for Disaster Assistance Response Team (DART)

We are currently accepting applications for individuals interested in being a part of the Thurston County Disaster Assistance Response Team (DART).  DART members are trained in Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), disaster preparedness, emergency radio communications, shelter care, etc., and provide needed services to the people of Thurston County before, during and after emergencies or other disasters.

If you would like more information or are interested in joining the DART, click here.

QuakeSmart Tool Kit  

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) recently produced a QuakeSmart Toolkit for businesses. The kit provides guidance on things you can do to help mitigate the damage an earthquake can do to your personnel, property, and to help lessen any financial losses that might be incurred.

For more information and to access the QuakeSmart Earthquake Mitigation Toolkit for Businesses, click here.


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