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What is CERT?

CERT is a 20-hour training program that prepares you to help yourself, family, neighbors and co-workers in the event of a disaster.  It was created in 1985 by the Los Angeles City Fire Department and adopted by FEMA in 1993. 


Currently, there are 55 registered CERT teams in Washington State, and over 2,314 across the nation.


Who Should Take CERT Training?

  • People interested in taking an active role in neighborhood preparedness

  • Neighborhood Watch Groups

  • Community Leaders

  • Parents

  • Faith-based Communities

  • Youth Organizations

  • Students, Teachers & Administrators

  • Clubs & Organizations

CERT Newsletter

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Fall 2011

Fall 2012



CERT Curriculum

  • Emergency Preparedness - Increase knowledge of your community's potential disasters and how to best prepare for them.

  • Fire Safety - Fire safety and suppression.

  • Emergency Medical 1 & 2 - Recognize, organize, assess and treat life threatening conditions.

  • Light Search & Rescue - Planning, size-up, search & rescue, and cribbing techniques.

  • CERT Organization - Decision making and documentation.

  • Disaster Psychology - Team's well-being, working with survivors.

  • Terrorism - Define and identify terrorism.

  • Disaster Simulation - Hands on disaster simulation exercise


Contact Information:


Inside Thurston County Contact:  

  Vivian Eason

  EM Coordinator

  (360) 867-2825


For CERT classes out side of Thurston County, please contact your local emergency management agency.