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Thurston County Emergency Management offers a telephone alert system to give river flood plain residents information on impending floods.

How it Works

Emergency Coordination Center (ECC) staff records a brief message onto a computer, then the computer is activated to call subscriber.  Subscribers only receive notices regarding the river that threatens their area. We can provide notices regarding the Chehalis, Deschutes, Nisqually and Skookumchuck Rivers.

If you have an answering machine, our message will play after you recorder's prompt tone. If If there is no answer on your phone line after about eight rings, the system will hang up and call the next number on the list. After at least 15 minutes, it will try again, then a third time if necessary.

When are notifications sent?

The system will only be activated when, in the opinion of county emergency management staff, a level of warning above and beyond that provided by the National Weather Service and the media is needed to recommend residents take action to protect life or property.

Limitations you need to know about

Several add-on telephone features interfere with receipt of emergency notifications. "Can your phone receive our emergency notifications?" explains these limitations.
Each resident must be responsible for their own safety by being aware of threatening situations and keeping informed of weather and flooding events. The telephone alert system cannot substitute for listening to NOAA Weather Radio and other media alerts. And, although Thurston County will make its best effort to activate the telephone alert system with appropriate warnings, we cannot guarantee that we can communicate all hazards to floodplain residents.

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