Memories from 1999
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Young Visitors Enjoy the 4-H Rabbit Exhibit

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Market Animal Sale Auction


dog_4-h.jpg (125356 bytes) Carnival Rides
4-h_sheep.jpg (119834 bytes) 4-H Dog Project 4-h_in_action.jpg (122710 bytes)
Youth Market Animal Project


kingsmen.jpg (180935 bytes) 4-H in Action Demonstration


hands-on.jpg (119129 bytes) 1999's Featured Entertainment - The Kingsmen and Merrilee Rush logging_demo.jpg (118786 bytes)
Hands-on Demonstrations


zoe_cook_trail.jpg (146575 bytes)

FFA Logging Rodeo Demonstration


goats.jpg (152168 bytes) Zoe Cook Memorial Practical Trail Course feet.jpg (204073 bytes)
 Enjoying the Dairy Goat Exhibit layer_cake.jpg (36426 bytes) Relaxing Tired Feet

Ground Water Layered Cake Contest