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History of the Fair - Over 130 Years of Thurston County Fairs

The first Thurston County Fair was held in 1871 at the Columbia Hall (the present-day 4th Avenue Tavern).  It was not called a fair, but instead a Mutual Aid Fair, aimed to aid farmers and agriculture, and to aid the development of our area by encouraging immigration.  The superintendent of the Fair was R. G. Stuart, and the Fair was a huge success, covering both floors of the building.  A lot has changed in 130 years, but the Fair remains a key event in Thurston County every year.

  • Become a Fair History Buff!  See a decade by decade overview of past Fair highlights.

  • "I still remember where I was on the night of..."  How many times have we heard our grandparents talk about the end of World War I like it was yesterday, or our parents reminisce about peace, love, and harmony during the 1960s? Ever wonder what was going on with the Fair while these and other world-shaking events were happening?

  • Take a peak at our collection of interesting and entertaining memorabilia.

The Thurston County Fair actively seeks items and images from its past.  If you are the owner of an interesting souvenir or photograph, and would like to share it with the Fair, please contact the Fair's Office .