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How to Enter an Exhibit

  • Decide what you would like to exhibit in the Fair. You can enter in more than one Division and enter more than one item in most Divisions.

  • Check the Exhibitor's Guide to find out what Departments and Divisions you'll be entering. The instructions for each Division will give the entry date(s) and time(s). Follow the entry rules for each Division you have selected to exhibit in.

  • Obtain the necessary entry form(s) and an Exhibitor Information Card from the Fair office. 4-H members can also get the forms and Exhibitor Information Card from the Extension Office.

  • Fill out an Exhibitor Information Card and obtain an Exhibitor Number. You need to have an Exhibitor Information Card on file with the Fair office in order to receive your premium check/award for your entry(s).  See the explanation below on how to determine your exhibitor number.

  • Bring your entry(s) to the Fair at the designated drop-off time with the completed forms. If you need assistance completing the forms, someone will be able to help you when you drop off your entry(s).

  • When the fair is over, remember to pick-up your entry(s) at the designated pick-up times.  See the Exhibitor's Guide for times. All exhibits must be checked out through the Department Heads, so early release is not possible. We are not responsible for exhibits not picked-up on time.

  • Entry forms can be found in the Exhibitor's Guide.

How to Determine Your Exhibitor Number
Please, only one exhibitor number for each exhibitor! )

Open Class and FFA - your Exhibitor Number is the first letter of your last name and the last four digits of your Social Security Number. 

For Example: My name is John Smith. The last four digits of my Social Security Number are 6575. My Exhibitor Number is S6575.

  • Note: There is one exception. If you are also entering in the 4-H department, always use your 4-H Member Number not your Social Security Number (see 4-H below).

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4-H - your Exhibitor Number is the first letter of your last name and your 4-digit 4-H Member Number. You can get the 4-digit 4-H Member Number from your 4-H leader or the WSU Cooperative Extension, Thurston County 4-H Office. If you plan to enter in FFA and/or Open Class also, you must use your 4-H Member Exhibitor Number for these departments also.

For Example: My name is Jane Davies. My 4-H Member Number is M3406. My 4-H Exhibitor Number is D3406. My Exhibitor Number for Open Class and/or FFA, should I decide to enter in another department, will also be D3406.

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