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Boat & RV Storage Rates - 2015/2016 Contact us for further information

Covered Outside Storage

Length Lease Per Month Total w/tax Boat and Trailer
Boats on Trailers:
Length of unit includes trailer hitch and motor.
15 FT 324.00 36.00 365.60
20 FT 432.00 48.00 487.47
25 FT 540.00 60.00 609.34
30 FT 648.00 72.00 731.20
35 FT 756.00 84.00 853.07
40 FT 864.00 96.00 974.94
45 FT 972.00 108.00 1096.80

Inside Locked Storage

Length Lease Per Month Total w/tax
15 FT 427.50 47.50 482.39
20 FT 576.00 64.00 649.96
25 FT 720.00 80.00 812.45
30 FT 855.00 95.00 964.78

In and Out

Length Lease Per Month Total w/tax
25 FT 540.00 60.00 609.34
30 FT 648.00 72.00 731.20

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  1. In person reservations will be accepted annually beginning June 1, on a first come basis. Payment shall be made at the time of reservation. Payment can be made by cash, check or credit/debit card.  A completed reservation form may be mailed in, but payment must accompany the reservation to hold a storage space.  Once a signed agreement is on file, a credit card payment can be accepted by phone. Please note: the county assesses a small fee for the use of credit cards.

  2. Leasing of spaces will begin annually on September 4, and shall be charged for the full term regardless of the day your space is first used. Daily pro-ration will be charged after June 1, if you fail to remove your “vehicle” on time.

  3. Payment shall be made in two installments.  The first payment is due with your reservation.  The balance must be paid by January 15 of the following year.

  4. County Fair Office is open Monday through Friday (except Holidays) 8:00am to 5:00 pm to coordinate moving boats/rv’s into storage. For mid-season boat or RV removal, all lessees shall notify the Fair office 5 business days prior to removal. Exceptions will be made for the 15 in/out stalls in the Willuweit Pavilion.

  5. All trailer units shall have a tongue lift and dolly in working condition. Tongue may be locked if key is left in Fair Office.

  6. All motor vehicles shall be lockable (unless in locked storage). Automobiles need to provide drip pans to prevent oil leakage onto floors from transmission and differential.

  7. Watercraft shall contain both craft and trailer registration numbers on lease form.

  8. No RV over 14 feet in height can be placed in any of our facilities.

  9. Storage Fees have a 12.84% leasehold tax added.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at 786-5453. Reservations are being taken now, call 786-5453. Please be prepared to give us the length and height of your boat/RV and appropriate identification numbers at that time.