Parenting Seminar

In an effort to encourage parents’ cooperation with each other in raising their children during and after separation, the Court requires each parent to attend a 4-hour parenting seminar. Anyone establishing a parenting plan for the first time must attend the Parenting Seminar within 45 days of the action being filed.  Others may be required to attend where the judge deems attendance would benefit the child.

The following procedures apply:

  1. At the time of serving an action for a parenting plan (including a Petition for Dissolution of a Marriage), the Petitioner shall serve a copy of the Information Sheet for Persons Involved in Custody Actions. The form is available in the appendix to the Thurston County Local Rules or at the Clerk’s Office.

  2. Each party is required to attend the Parenting Seminar within 45 days of filing or being served with papers related to a new parenting plan.

  3. A certificate of completion must be filed with the Court.

  4. There is a charge by the provider for the Parenting Seminar. Parents may request to pay less than the normal fee if they have low incomes.

The Parenting Seminar is offered in most counties in Washington. The Thurston County provider may be contacted at .

Local Court Rule:  LSPR 94.06