Revision Information

The Rule:  Thurston County Local Civil Rule 59 governs Motions for Revision of a Court Commissionerís decision. (Rule amended in 2009)


  • Motion: A Motion for Revision must be filed with the clerk and served on the other party within 10 days after the Court Commissionerís written Order is signed.

  • Hearing: The Revision hearing must be scheduled to occur within 30 days after the Motion is filed.

Other requirements:

  • Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law: The party filing the Motion for Revision must schedule a hearing for Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law to be signed by the Court Commissioner before the Revision hearing (except in Child Support and Protection Order cases).

  • The Record:

Documents: New information will not be considered at the Revision hearing. The record will be the written documents in the file before the order being revised was entered, unless testimony was taken from the parties under oath at the Commissionerís hearing.

CD Recording and Transcription: If testimony was taken under oath, the Judge will listen to the CD of the hearing. However, if the hearing lasted over 20 minutes, the party filing the Motion for Revision must arrange with Court Administration for the CD to be transcribed into writing within five days after filing the motion. A fee is charged for a copy of the CD and for preparation of a transcript.

  • Rules of Filing, Copies, and Confirmation: The time for filing documents and providing copies for the Judge are the same as for all other motions. (See the Courtís pink information sheet.) The moving party must confirm the hearing with the Clerkís office by 12:00 noon three court days before the Revision hearing. (See the Notice of Issue)