Student Art at Family and Juvenile Court
Brief History

Thurston County Family and Juvenile Court opened in September 1998 consolidating all family and juvenile work in a separate courthouse. Student art contributes to a comforting atmosphere and reduces tensions inherent in waiting for court proceedings. Over the years, all of our local public school districts have displayed student art, as have many of our private schools, Indian schools, home school groups, and other civic organizations. 

Student Art Reception

For all student art displays, the court hosts a public art reception to celebrate the artists’ work. Refreshments are served and a judge is present to provide tours of the courtrooms and detention holding area. 

Framing Requirements

In order to be displayed at the court, all two-dimensional art must be framed. The court’s frames are 22” by 26”. Black or white background is available. If the work is mounted at the schools on 22” by 26” poster board or heavy paper, it can be slipped easily into the court’s frames. The court will gladly display work of other dimensions if it comes to the court already framed. 


Some of the places for display receive a lot of natural light. Fading may occur if work is displayed for more than three months. The court is not responsible for any loss or damage to the art work.