Telephonic Participation in Court Hearings

In some situations, a party will be permitted to participate in a hearing by telephone rather than by personally appearing in court.

Criteria to participate by phone:

a) the person lives out of state, or
b) the person lives over a 2-hour drive from the courthouse, or
c) the person has a medical condition preventing travel, or
d) the person is incarcerated and unable to be present

Participation by telephone in Settlement Conferences may only be with permission of the Judge arranged through Court Administration. Participation by telephone in trial may require agreement of the other party as well as permission of the Judge. 

A person requesting to participate by telephone should contact Court Administration to make the request. He or she will need to provide a number (usually a land line is required not a cell phone) where the Clerk can call when the court is ready to hear the case. Court Administration can only schedule three (3) telephonic hearings per calendar. Those participating by telephone do not receive priority, so it will sometimes be necessary to wait by the telephone for up to an hour just as though waiting for the case to be called in court.

In the case of a trial or Settlement Conference, the person participating by telephone will be required to call the court at a specific time.

The number to call to request or arrange for telephone participation is: