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Thurston county comprehensive plan - health & human services chapter update 2017

Thurston County Public Health & Social Services is seeking suggestions from Thurston Thrives action teams regarding the update to the chapter of the Thurston County Comprehensive Plan that deals most specifically with human health.

The Health & Human Services Chapter of the Thurston County Comprehensive Plan was developed from 2011-2012 and adopted in 2013. It comprises 4 sections:

I.   Introduction
Purpose, description of authority and history of public health in relation to planning, and relationship of this chapter to others in the plan.
II.   Background and Context
    Description of the relationship of community health to factors that are affected by community planning and development, such as the built environment and how it affects healthy eating and physical activity and environmental (especially water) quality. Priorities in Thurston County’s community health.
III.   Thurston County Community Health Indicators 
    Variety of community health data on the priority areas discussed in Section II. 
IV.    Goals, Objectives and Policies
    Statements of what the County views as important, evidence-based strategies and activities, with a close nexus to the growth management purpose of the Comprehensive Plan.

View the chapters of the existing plan here. The Health & Human Services is Chapter 11. Other chapters of the TC Comp Plan, which may be of interest to you or your team’s strategy, including Economic Development, Housing, Land Use, Natural Resource Lands, Transportation, etc., can be found there. Comment on these other chapters is being collected later in the fall during the Thurston County Planning Commission process.

The updates to the HHS Chapter that Public Health & Social Services staff have identified so far are in this document.

Please send your comments or suggestions about the draft update to the HHS Chapter, either using the form below or emailing directly to Chris Hawkins by August 31, 2017.

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