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Common Sense Gardening (CSG) encourages gardeners to conserve water, use alternatives to pesticides, and choose less-toxic pesticides when necessary. This system of gardening highlights the importance of preventing pests and weeds through proper plant spacing, appropriate watering, mulch, compost, and slow-release fertilizers. When pest and weed control is necessary, the least-toxic method is employed; chemical pesticides are used as a last resort.

Learn more about Common Sense Gardening by attending the annual garden tour, visiting our displays at special events around the County, or reading a Common Sense Gardening guide.

Thurston County Environmental Health is working with more than 300 Puget Sound organizations involved in "Puget Sound Starts Here," a public education campaign to stop the daily flow of 140,000 pounds of toxic chemicals from entering Puget Sound. Click the logo to connect directly to the program, or contact an environmental educator for more information and how you can get involved.

By reducing the use of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers and conserving water, Common Sense Gardeners protect our lakes, streams, rivers, and Puget Sound. 


5 Steps to Natural Yard Care

Learn what you can do to make your yard a healthier place to live. ...more

Lawn Fertilizer

Fertilizers can wash into our waterways, adding to the pollution in Puget Sound. Learn about quick-release and slow-release fertilizers and how to have a lush lawn while protecting water quality. ...more

Pesticide-Free Neighborhoods

Find out about Pesticide-Free Neighborhood projects and how you can get a Pesticide-Free yard sign. ...more

CSG Guides and Resources

A complete list of Common Sense Gardening Guides and other Natural Yard Care Resources. ...more

Integrated Pest Management IPM for Homeowners & Land Managers

Homeowner prescriptions for dealing with tough weed and pest problems. ...more


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