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The water quality laboratory carries out bacterial analyses of drinking water, surface water, suspected sewage discharges, treatment plant effluent, marine water, and soils. The laboratory also performs nitrate [PDF] analyses of drinking water.

Water Testing

Drinking water may contain contaminants that could pose a human health concern. An important way to assure that drinking water quality is safe for human consumption is to test the water. Testing can help to determine: 1) if a contaminant is present, and 2) if present, whether the level of concentration is high enough for concern.

Water testing is highly recommended for drinking water sources, such as individual wells. The Environmental Health Division provides coliform and nitrate testing. For information about this service, see Water Testing, Pickup/Dropoff Info and Sampling Instructions or call 360-867-2673.

We also offer water testing for Mason County, for information, see Mason County Water Testing Instructions, Pickup & Dropoff Locations [PDF].

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