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Antifreeze is classified as a Washington State dangerous waste if it contains more than 10% ethylene glycol due to its toxicity. However, antifreeze is exempt from most dangerous waste regulations if it is recycled. If your business produces antifreeze as a waste stream, you have two options: recycle it, or dispose of it as dangerous waste. Recycling can be on-site for reuse or off-site by a vendor (see below for local vendors). On-site recycling units may produce a sludge that designates as dangerous waste.

Mixing Antifreeze with Other Liquids

Don’t mix antifreeze or used oil with other materials such as water, brake fluid, solvents, or gas. Label waste antifreeze containers and keep them closed (animals are attracted to the sweet odor of antifreeze—and it’s very toxic). Don’t accumulate large volumes since you will need secondary containment for all of it. Recycle often. Maintain your disposal and/or recycling paperwork for five years or longer if possible.

Regulatory Requirements

If your business recycles its oil and antifreeze, volumes of these materials do not count towards your generator status and do not need to be reported to the Department of Ecology. If your business generates 220 pounds or more of dangerous waste in a month or accumulates greater than 2,200 pounds at any time, your facility is not a small quantity generator — you are a regulated generator. Regulated generators must comply with the Washington State Dangerous Waste Regulations (WAC 173-303).

Thurston County encourages businesses to recycle antifreeze as much as possible. Thurston County also requires businesses to retain their receipts or manifests documenting how much they recycled or disposed of, which vendor was used, where it was recycled or disposed, and when it was collected.

Antifreeze Management & Recycling Vendors

Vendor Phone Number Anti-
American Petroleum Environmental Services 253-538-5252 x x x
Arcom Oil 800-831-5243 x x x
Clean Harbors Environmental Services 800-444-4244 x x x
Emerald Services, Inc. 888-832-3008 x x x
Phoenix Environmental Services 253-779-8474 x x x
Safety-Kleen (Auburn) 800-669-5948 x x x
Thermo Fluids 253-868-3310 x x x

Additional Information

Staff from the Business Pollution Prevention Program is available to answer your questions about the proper management of many business wastes including antifreeze, vendors, best management practices, and ways to calculate pollution prevention costs. Please contact the Business Pollution Prevention Program at 360-867-2664, Monday through Friday during regular business hours or TTY/TDD 711 or 1-800-833-6388.

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