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Hazardous Waste Enforcement

County staff investigates citizen complaints involving alleged illegal dumping, improper disposal, and improper storage. Common investigations include:

  • Illegal dumping of used motor oil
  • Unsafe storage of hazardous waste drums
  • Spills resulting in contaminated soil, surface water, or groundwater

Emergency Spills
contact Dept of Ecology
360-407-6300 or call 911

Residential and business complaints are investigated following the guidelines of the Thurston County Nonpoint Source Pollution Ordinance (Article VI of the Sanitary Code). Complaints that represent a potential threat to public health or the environment, or are found to be in violation with the Nonpoint Source Pollution Ordinance receive immediate attention.

Investigations are carried out with the intent of solving any hazardous waste issue as swiftly as possible using education and technical guidance as the first tool. In most cases the violator shows good faith efforts to improve or solve the problem and a time schedule is set up for bringing the site into compliance.

Hazardous Waste Hotline

Staffed Monday - Friday from 8am - 5pm
to report potential violations
and get answers to hazardous waste questions

Automated information
evenings, weekends and holidays

Methamphetamine (Meth) Drug Labs

Thurston County will assist citizens and real estate agents by providing information about known drug lab properties. However, if you suspect that a property is currently being used as a meth lab, please call the Sheriff's Department at 360-704-2740.

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