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Hazardous Waste - Pollution Prevention
  hazardous waste Pollution Prevention  

The goal of this program is to educate businesses about hazardous material regulations and to enforce the County's Nonpoint Source Pollution Ordinance (Article VI [PDF] of the Sanitary Code). County specialists work with businesses to ensure proper storage, handling, and disposal of hazardous materials while promoting hazardous waste reduction, reuse and recycling.


Hazardous Waste Plan

All cities and counties in Washington are required by the state Hazardous Waste Management Act to develop plans to manage hazardous wastes produced by households, small businesses, and institutions. ...more

Technical Assistance Campaigns

Campaigns help businesses in Thurston County comply with secondary containment and disposal requirements, and provide  information about disposal options. To find out the various steps of a technical assistance visit, see Technical Assistance Process, or visit one of the links below to read about a specific campaign:

Small Quantity Generator (SQG) Program

This program provides assistance to businesses that are classified as small quantity generators, such as auto shops and recyclers, commercial printers, dental offices, dry cleaners, and paint contractors. ...more

Wellhead Protection

Wellhead protection areas are geographical areas where rainwater enters the ground and becomes our drinking water source. The County works with city representatives to identify businesses in these sensitive areas and  promotes safe usage, storage and disposal of hazardous products and materials in over 80 businesses operating within these areas. ...more

Heating Oil Tanks

A property owner can be held liable for contamination or environmental damage caused by a leaking heating oil tank. Oil tanks that have been out of use for more than one year must be removed from the ground or properly decommissioned. ...more

Hazardous Waste Fact Sheets

The County publishes a number of fact sheets on hazardous waste issues many businesses may have.  These can be used as a reference to answer future questions or for clarifications on state or local regulations. ...more

Hazardous Waste "Update" Newsletters

These newsletters help provide information to Thurston County business owners and managers on how to better manage and dispose of hazardous waste generated by their business. ...more

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