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Pesticide Active Ingredient Thurston County Rating Human Toxicity Other Mammals Bird Toxicity Bee Toxicity Aquatic Toxicity Mobility Hazard Persist-ence Hazard Bio-accumulation Hazard
bacillus subtilis Passed

copper ammonium complex Passed

copper compounds Passed

copper hydroxide Passed

copper naphthenate Passed

copper octanoate Passed

copper sulfate Passed

copper sulfate pentahydrate Passed

disodium octaborate Passed

disodium octaborate tetrahydrate Passed

jojoba oil Passed

metallic copper Passed

neem oil Passed

potassium bicarbonate Passed

potassium salts of fatty acids Passed

sulfur Passed

Trichoderma harzianum Passed

boric acid Conditional

lime sulfur
(calcium polysulfide)

petroleum oil Conditional

sodium tetraborate pentrahydrate Conditional

triforine Conditional

captan Failed

chlorothalonil Failed

myclobutanil Failed

propiconazole Failed

tebuconazole Failed

triadimefon Failed

thiophanate-methyl Failed

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