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Pesticide Active Ingredient Thurston County Rating Human Toxicity Other Mammals Bird Toxicity Bee Toxicity Aquatic Toxicity Mobility Hazard Persist-ence Hazard Bio-accumulation Hazard
azadirachtin Passed

bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) Passed

Beauveria bassiana GHA Passed

canola oil Passed

capsaicin Passed

jojoba oil Passed

kaolin clay Passed

lambda cyhalothrin Passed

neem oil Passed

potassium salt of fatty acids Passed

silica gel Passed

silicon dioxide Passed

sodium tetraborate decahydrate Passed

spinosad Passed

sulfur Passed

boric acid Conditional

d-limonene Conditional

disodium octaborate tetrahydrate Conditional

lime sulfur
(calcium polysulfide)

methoprene Conditional

petroleum oil Conditional

piperonyl butoxide (PBO) Conditional

prallethrin Conditional

S-methoprene Conditional

sodium tetraborate pentahydrate Conditional

tau-fluvalinate Conditional

abamectin Failed

acephate Failed

acetamiprid Failed

allethrins Failed

avermectin Failed

bendiocarb Failed

beta-cyfluthrin Failed

bifenthrin Failed

bioallethrin Failed

carbaryl Failed

chlorfenapyr Failed

chlorothalonil Failed

chlorpyrifos Failed

cyfluthrin Failed

cypermethrin Failed

d-phenothrin Failed

d-trans allethrin Failed

deltamethrin Failed

diazinon Failed

dichlorvos Failed

dinotefuran Failed

disulfoton Failed

emamectin benzoate Failed

esbiothrin Failed

esfenvalerate Failed

fipronil Failed

hydramethylnon Failed

imidacloprid Failed

indoxacarb Failed

malathion Failed

methiocarb Failed

MGK-264 Failed

N-octyl bicycloheptene dicarboximide Failed

para-dichlorobenzene Failed


permethrin Failed

propoxur Failed

pynamin forte Failed

pyrethrins Failed

resmethrin Failed

sulfluramid Failed

sumithrin Failed

tetramethrin Failed

tralomethrin Failed

trichlorfon Failed

brodifacoum Failed

bromadiolone Failed

bromethalin Failed

chlorophacinone Failed

cholecalciferol Failed

difenacoum Failed

difethialone Failed

diphacinone Failed

warfarin Failed

zinc phosphide Failed

Animal & Bird Repellants
methyl nonyl ketone Conditional

methiocarb Failed

Slug & Snail Control
iron phosphate Passed

sodium ferric EDTA Conditional

metaldehyde Failed

methiocarb Failed

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