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Thurston County believes that effective pest control should begin with a very good understanding of the pest (habitat, life cycle, diet, reproduction, etc.) and why it is a problem. We have researched many pests to better understand what types of environmental factors promote them and what combination of control methods will keep them at tolerable levels. We then develop prescriptions (fact sheets) that provide information about the pest and the procedures that will be used to monitor and control it. Each prescription contains a description of the pest or vegetation problem, its negative impacts, a monitoring process, non-chemical control strategies, chemical control strategy, and the timing for these events.

IPM PRESCRIPTIONS: The following link will take you to prescriptions that have been developed by County staff with information that has been researched and been shown to be effective. Many of these prescriptions follow the same methods that the County uses; some have been developed specifically for homeowners and land managers in Washington State. The information that is provided may be useful to people in other regions, but the chemicals that have been reviewed for use within these prescriptions are registered for use in the state of Washington and may not be available or be registered for use in other states.

Noxious weeds

Control of these plants is mandatory in Thurston County

Invasive plants

Control of these plants is recommended



Nuisance insects and other pests


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