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What is needed to renew the Certificate?

Septic System Inspection

An inspection includes checking all parts of the septic system:

  1. Septic Tank
    • scum level
    • sludge level
    • effluent level
    • condition of inlet and outlet baffles
  2. Pump Chamber (if applicable)
    • scum and sludge levels
    • pump and controls including alarm
  3. Condition of Drainfield/Mound/Glendon Pods as applicable
  4. General Site Conditions

Septic tanks must be pumped when the solids accumulated in the tank take up a third or more of the tank's capacity. (See Inspecting Your Septic Tank.) If the tank is pumped, a tank pumping report must be filed. Both inspection and pump reports will be submitted by the Septic Professional through an online website. Owners can view inspection and pump reports at www.onlinerme.com

High-Risk septic systems (noted on the operational certificate), must be dye tested once every 6 years. Dye tests are done by trained health department staff as part of the program services. Consent forms are sent out each Fall to owners of septic systems that are due for dye tests that winter. If you receive a consent form for a dye test, please complete the form and return it to the health department or call 360-867-2626 to schedule an appointment.

Who can do the septic system inspection?

Septic Professional

A Septic Professional can be hired to complete the inspection. For a list of those certified in Thurston County see Industry Professionals.

NOTE: Thurston County does not regulate the business practices of certified contractors. Be a wise consumer: Get estimates, check references, and be clear what services you need. For additional information see Tips for Septic Owners [pdf].

Owner/Inspector Certification

Training to become a certified owner/inspector is offered to Henderson and Nisqually Reach WPA owners with either gravity, mound, pressure distribution, or Glendon® Biofilter systems. To sign up for the one-day training, see Septic System Inspection Certification or call 360-867-2626.

What happens if the Operational Certificate is not renewed?

If your Certificate has not been renewed, your sewage system will be classified as non-conforming. This means other permit approvals can be withheld until the Certificate is renewed.

By keeping your Certificate renewed on a timely basis, you can avoid the additional renewal fees and untimely delays during future building projects or property sales.

How Do I Reinstate a Non-Conforming Septic System?

The certification renewal process for non-conforming systems requires the following:

  • Septic system must be pumped and inspected by a septic professional.
  • An application for Field Inspection (see Operational Certificate Field Inspection form) must be completed and submitted to the Environmental Health office along with the fee (see Guidelines for process).
  • Once the application, fee, and pump and inspection report are received a staff person from our office will complete a field inspection.
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