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How to Reduce Contact with Contaminants in Dirt

The following guidelines are suggested to help you reduce exposure to lead, arsenic, and other contaminants in dirt. Also see, Dirt Alert: Take a Closer Look [PDF] ― healthy actions to reduce your family's contact with soil. To request a brochure, call 360-867-2674 (TDD 360-867-2603) or email us.

Inside Your Home

Smoke plume

  • Wash hands and face using water and soap after working or playing in the dirt, especially before eating.
  • Use a shoe brush or quality doormat to remove dirt from shoes.
  • Take your shoes off before entering your home.
  • Damp mop and wipe surfaces often to control dust.
  • Vacuum 2-3 times a week. Use a bag designed to filter "allergens" or a HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Arrestor) filter.
  • Wash children’s toys and pacifiers often.
  • Scrub and/or peel vegetables and fruits with soap and water before eating.
  • After working or playing in dirt, remove soiled clothing and wash them before wearing them again.

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Outside Your Home

Children's Play Areas

  • Wash children’s hands and face using water and soap after playing in the dirt, especially before eating.
  • Cover bare patches of dirt with bark, sand, grass or other material.
  • Do not eat or drink while playing in dirt.
  • Rinse off toys used outside often and keep them away from areas of bare dirt.

Garden Areas

  • Wash hands and face using water and soap after working in the dirt.
  • Wear gloves when working in dirt.
  • Dampen dirt before gardening to reduce dust.
  • Wear waterproof footwear when working in dirt; rinse them off after each use.
  • Rinse dirt off garden tools and store them outside.
  • Replace the top 18 – 24 inches of dirt in vegetable garden beds.
  • Avoid growing root vegetables in your garden unless you’ve replaced your dirt.

Pet and Livestock Areas

  • Keep pets away from bare dirt so they don’t track it into the house.
  • Dampen soils with water when windy to reduce dust.
  • Fence off and rotate areas of property to keep animals in vegetated areas, so they do not cause bare soil to be exposed.
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