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The STEPS project in Thurston County worked with numerous individuals, organizations and communities to provide support for residents who were ready to:

  • Make healthier food and nutrition choices;
  • Live More actively;
  • Identify and modify asthma triggers found in their everyday living environment.

Over a 5 year time period, the Thurston County STEPS project also worked with:

  • Local Health Care providers to develop and integrate support for behavior change among the people they serve.
  • Area Schools to develop and integrate support for healthier living into the school setting.

Mission Statement

STEPS To A Healthier WA in Thurston County projects prevent and reduce the impact of chronic disease (Asthma, Diabetes, and Obesity).

What is STEPS To A Healthier US?

As part of a national effort to address the burden of chronic diseases and support positive lifestyle choices, the US Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS) launched a bold new initiative in 2003 called STEPS to a Healthier US.   

The DHHS STEPS initiative provided:

  • Financial support for up to 5 years in selected states and communities;
  • A comprehensive, community driven, prevention based approach ;
  • To address the key chronic health  conditions of Asthma, Type 2 Diabetes, and Obesity;
  • And factors that impact these conditions including Physical Activity,  Nutrition and Tobacco Use.

Our current health care system is not structured to deal with the escalating costs of treating diseases that are largely preventable through modifiable behaviors.  Realizing that small changes over time can yield dramatic results, the Steps initiative was committed to identifying and promoting interventions that encouraged behavior and community changes as a means to support lifelong healthier living.

Printable Documents

  • Project Summary Sheets [PDF] - *Coming Soon!

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