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Thurston County Public Health & Social Services envisions a community where Thurston County’s children and their families are daily making healthy food choices and engaging in regular physical activity.

We work together with our community to create neighborhoods that support and foster healthy children and families – encouraging the education, health care, environments and policies needed to promote a healthy weight and thereby prevent chronic disease.

Thurston County developed a Healthy Child Weight (HCW) Initiative to address the increasing problems of physical inactivity, poor nutrition and obesity among the county’s children.  The initiative has focused on:
  • Building partnerships with child-serving organizations, particularly family practice and pediatric health care clinics.
  • Preparing partners to participate in the prevention of childhood obesity.
  • Fostering changes in the community environment to support healthier eating and increased physical activity.
To date, the health department (TCPHSS), has held in-service presentations and a forum for pediatric care providers (see the Partnerships with Health Care page for more information) and conducted community engagement, which focused on development of child obesity prevention strategies with community advisors and a newly formed coalition (see 2010 Strategy Report).


Thurston County encourages children and their families to follow some simple steps toward staying healthy and preventing chronic illness through the number 7-5-2-1-0:
  7 - Eat breakfast every day.
5 - Eat 5 or more servings of fruits and vegetables every day.
2 - Limit screen time (time in front of a computer, television or video games) unrelated to school to 2 hours or less daily.
  1 - Get 1 hour or more of moderate to vigorous physical activity every day.
  0 - Drink less sugar.  Try water and low-fat milk instead of sugar-sweetened drinks.

Print a 7-5-2-1-0 Healthy Child Weight Flyer: (Full Size) (3X3)


Current activities for the initiative include:
  • Building a stronger childhood obesity prevention coalition.
  • Promoting breastfeeding through health care providers and employers.
  • Supporting policy and practice changes with local partners designed to increase access to healthy eating and physical activity.

The county-wide Healthy Child Weight Coalition formed in 2010 to increase collaboration among organizations and individuals to ensure improved health outcomes in this area for Thurston County children. ...more

TCPHSS participates in the South Sound Breastfeeding Network.


TCPHSS also participates in the Community Transformation Grant with Washington State Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Two projects are underway:

Community Garden ProjectTCPHSS has completed an assessment of community gardens in Thurston County with support from local partners. TCPHSS will also assist the community in establishing five new garden sites by the fall of 2014. The project will increase access to healthy foods.
Safe Routes to School: Working with two North Thurston elementary schools, TCPHSS will update school walking route maps, conduct educational activities, and start walking school buses with the aim of increasing physical activity among children through walking and bicycling to school.

Thurston County Public Health & Social Services staff continues to connect with partners in the community and supports projects like the Active Community Environments work of Thurston Regional Planning Council and its partners. 

We envision a community of active, healthy children and families

Please join us in the effort to promote healthy child weight in Thurston County.  If you would like to take part in the discussions with our department or take action on a strategy, please contact  Chris Hawkins, Active Healthy Communities Coordinator at (360) 867-2513 or send an E-mail.

  • Chris Hawkins
    Active Healthy Community Coordinator
  • (360) 867-2513
  • or
  • E-mail
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