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To learn about health and vaccine recommendations to stay safe while traveling abroad, check with your health care provider or use the travel health resources described here. 

Travel Clinics

Health professionals trained in travel health can provide specific counseling for your destination, and provide the travel vaccinations and prescriptions for the medications you need. 

Travel Clinics in Thurston County:

Providence St. Peter Family Practice Travel Clinic
(360) 493-7230

Other options:

  Costco Pharmacy *Tumwater (Members Only)
  Group Health Cooperative (Members Only)
(800) 562-6300 ex 3488
  The Evergreen State College Health Services (Registered Students Only)
(360) 867-6200

CDC Travel Health Website

The National Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Travel Health web site (http://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/) provides reliable and updated information regarding travel health. If vaccinations are recommended, your health care provider or these community resources may help:

Capitol Medical Center Occupational Medicine Clinic, Urgent Care Clinics, and many pharmacies in Thurston County offer the tetanus and Hepatitis A vaccinations needed for most trips.

Some pharmacies offer other travel vaccines.  Please call for details: Pharmacies have asked us to caution that vaccinations are pre-scheduled, not walk-in. 

See more vaccination information.


    Thurston County Immunization Program


This page last updated: 01/28/22