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  In 2010, the Health Department received a planning grant from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office on Women's Health. The grant provided an opportunity to identify and prioritize health issues impacting Thurston County women and girls. A local prevention plan was developed outlining key goals and strategies.

In September 2011, Thurston County was awarded a grant to implement a portion of the Strategies for Action 2011-2016 Plan [PDF].

2016 Social Media Campaign

The focus of the Thurston Coalition for Women's Health 2016 communication campaign is Relationship Violence is Too Common. The infographics below were designed for use on social media and may be used by anyone with an interest in sharing them.

Pinterest users can also access these infographics at Health Data Thurston County.

2016-2017 Focus

  • Transition to a new coalition leadership model, with the Family Support Center serving as a community co-chair of the Coalition.

2011-2016 Focus (Year 2 - 5)

  • Offer the Girls Circle program developed by the One Circle Foundation and offered by the YWCA of Olympia to Thurston County adolescent girls.
  • Conduct an informational campaign to raise awareness of the health consequences of violence against women and girls.
  • Continue to address priorities established by the Thurston Coalition for Women's Health.

2010-2011 Focus (Year 1 Planning)

  • Expand collaborative efforts to address the health of local women and girls by maintaining a Thurston Coalition of Women's Health.
  • Conduct a community assessment and prepare a report that summarizes findings about the health of local women and girls.
  • Prepare a local plan that describes priority prevention strategies that can be implemented to positively influence the health of county women and girls within five years.

Coalition Documents

Reports, plans and other key documents developed by the Thurston Coalition for Women's Health will be placed online as they become available. 

Coalition Meeting Information

Next Meeting announcement:

Next Meeting
Women's Health Coalition
Tuesday, February 28
10:00 - 11:30 AM
Family Support Center of South Sound
201 Capitol Way, Olympia 98501

Meeting Materials

Meeting materials available via [pdf], unless otherwise noted

  12/8/2016 Meeting Notes  
  10/27/2016 Meeting Notes  
  4/12/2016 Meeting Notes  
  2/23/2016 Meeting Notes Handout
12/09/2015 Meeting Notes
  3/26/2015 Meeting Notes  
  1/29/2015 Meeting Notes  
  8/13/2014 Meeting Notes Handout
  5/22/2014 Meeting Notes  
  2/18/2014  Meeting Notes       Handouts
  10/10/2013  Meeting Notes       Handouts
  5/14/2013  Meeting Notes        
  2/12/2013 Meeting Notes Presentation:
Office on Women’s Health and Gender Integration
8/7/2012 Meeting Notes
  5/23/2012 Meeting Notes  

Communication Subcommittee

Next Meeting announcement:

Next Meeting - *To Be Announced


Current members of the Coalition include:
More Information
  • Kateri Wimsett
  • Women's Health Coordinator
  • at 360-867-2516
  • or
  • Email
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