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affordable housing program  

The Affordable Housing Program assists in the development and preservation of affordable low-income housing (defined as households at or below 50% of the area median income) to address critical local housing need. Funding for the program is derived from legislative mandated surcharge fees on recording documents that are shared between the state and local counties.

Eligible Applicants:

Non-Profit organizations, local municipalities within the county, profit developers, and faith-based organizations that provide affordable housing in accordance with the requirements of the Affordable Housing Program

Eligible Activities:

Capital Projects Acquisition, Construction, or rehabilitation of housing projects that are affordable to low-income person at or below 50% of the median income (link to Program Guidelines)

Rental Assistance - Rental Vouchers for housing projects or units within housing projects that are affordable to very low-come persons. Must be administered by a local public housing authority or local organizations with an existing rental assistance voucher program.

Operations and Maintenance

>  Projects or housing units that have used Housing Trust Funds for development.
> Operating costs for emergency shelters and licensed overnight youth shelters.












  • Thomas Webster
    Program Manager
  • 360-280-6265
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