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To work with people with developmental disabilities, families, and the community to promote everyone's well-being, rights, choices, and opportunities in living as valued, contributing and integrated members of our community.

About Us

The Developmental Disabilities Program contracts with agencies in Thurston and Mason Counties to provide employment, community access and other supportive services to adults with developmental disabilities and their family members.  All services are guided by values that are the core of County-delivered services in Washington.  The document, County Guidelines [PDF], provides a comprehensive overview of these values and gives strategies that will promote their achievement.

  • Power and Choice - Making our own choices and directing our own lives.
  • Relationships - Having people in our lives whom we love and care about who love and care about us.
  • Status/Contribution - Feeling good about ourselves and having others recognize us for what we contribute to others and our community.
  • Integration - Being a part of our community, through active involvement.  This means doing things we enjoy as well as new and interesting things.
  • Competence - Learning to do things on our own or being supported to do things for ourselves.
  • Health and Safety - Feeling safe and secure, and being healthy
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