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  What is a developmental disability?

The Washington State Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) defines a developmental disability as a disability attributed to an intellectual disability, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, autism, or another neurological or other condition. A developmental disability originates before the individual reached 18 years of age; is expected to continue indefinitely; and results in a substantial limitation to the individual. More information about the DDA's Eligibility Determination, click here...

What is our overall goal?

For individuals with developmental disabilities to be contributing, welcome and integrated in our communities.

What is our employment goal?

For all working age adults with developmental disabilities to be gainfully employed.

Where can I get information about resources for a young adult with support needs about to transition from high school?

The Resource Guide [PDF] is updated each year and provides a listing of resources for transitioning students.

What agencies currently contract with the County to provide services to adults with developmental disabilities?

The document Thurston and Mason County Contracted Providers Directory [PDF] lists the current contracted providers and the services they provide.

Can any adult with a developmental disability get assistance in finding a job?

A person must first be eligible for Washington State DSHS DDA services.  You will need to contact the DDA Intake & Eligibility Office at 800-248-0949.  The DDA staff will conduct an assessment to determine if an individual is eligible and if funding is available to provide assistance in getting and keeping a job.

How does an adult with developmental disabilities interested in becoming employed and/or more active in the community get started in achieving his or her goals?

Read our guide entitled "It's Up to You!" [PDF]

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